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Armenian vodka “Barrel” and “Petrol”
Registered trademark.
40% alc./ GOST 12712-2013

Vodka “Barrel” and “Petrol” belong to the class of elite alcoholic beverages. From the first years of their existence, vodkas have achieved popularity in many countries. Now “Barrel” and “Petrol” are exported to Peoples’ Republic of China, Russian Federation, Belarus, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Bulgaria, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Jordana, USA.
Vodka Barrel is high-class product made on the basis of high-quality “Alpha” spirit, the purest water with amazing taste and dignified design. Vodka “Barrel” and “Petrol” are unique with their crystal clear color and transparency. Vodka consists of natural ingredients with fresh honey and syrup to make it distinguished from the line of similar vodkas with its finest taste and special softness. Knowing the degree of alcohol in Vodka it is difficult to believe, that the soft beverage with honey taste and thin aroma has 40 % alcohol. Vodka “Barrel” and “Petrol” are made by the modern equipment of the plant “Chateau Arno” based on old recipes.
History of brands “Barrel” and “Petrol”
7 years ago, in the company of "Raf-Ojakh" it was decided to create an original vodka brand. In initial concepts the marketing experts tried to emphasize the Armenian roots of the new brand. According to one of them, they wanted to name the vodka “Gutan” (plow) with the image of a plow on the label, and on the other hand they even offered to wrap the bottle in paper. However, none of these ideas gave a proper idea of the quality and origin of vodka.
The solution came after the bottle-barrel shape was chosen. Advertising specialists have found a non-standard and simple solution to make the bottle shaped like a barrel. Several designers were instructed to modify the shape of the bottle, and then decided to reject the label and paint the barrel white, then the other colors were added.

The features of production of vodka “Barrel” and “Petrol”

Vodka products of "Raf-Ojakh" have amazing taste due to the special production technology. In addition to the spring water and classical treatment of alcohol included in the beverage, there is an additional stage of aging which can last from 1 to 3 months. Upon the end of this period filtration starts, which in its turn consists of three stages: “blending”; “quartz treatment”; "coal cleaning”.
The company "Raf-Ojakh" produces two types of vodka, Barrel and Petrol which you can buy not only in Armenia but also in many other countries.
Barrel consists of syrup and honey, which make the taste soft, delicate, rich;
Petrol elite series is for real evaluators of spirit beverages. It consists of rice, honey and syrup.

Spirit for vodka “Barrel” and “Petrol”

Here it is worth to pay attention to one of the two main components of vodka, particularly wheat spirit "Alpha", that is, grain spirit made from sprouted and dried grains. Spirit undergoes a high quality cleaning treatment. Vodka from this spirit has the best quality, excellent taste , in one word it is pleasant to drink. After drinking the vodka one can overcome hangover much easily. All of our premium and super class vodkas are made of spirit "Alpha".
Nowadays spirit "Alpha" is the best one used in the industry for production of vodkas. Everyone knows that according to specifications of GOST R 51652-2000 for “Rectified ethyl alcohol based on food raw materials” depending on the degree of purification of alcohol it is divided into several categories, one of which is the spirit "Alpha". The same document determines that the alcohol "Alpha" should be produced from wheat, rye or a mixture thereof, that is, exclusively from grain raw materials. As for the physical and chemical parameters, the main difference of "Alpha" is the low content of toxic methyl alcohol: the rate of its content is only 0.003% in terms of anhydrous alcohol, while for other spirits the rate of toxic methyl alcohol is much higher.

Vodka according to Armenian rules

        There is an immense choice of vodkas today. Hundreds of bottles are on the showrooms, just figure out what to choose. What are the features of vodka products of “Raf-Ojakh”, how they differ, what we are used to, and why? Spirit for vodka is prepared by the method of triple distillation of grain. Armenia has ideal conditions for growing grain of the required quality. Some experts note that alcohol is so purified that it even makes you bored. For additional filtration of undesirable fuse oils and foreign aromas, silver filtration technology is used. Despite the fact that the volume of alcohol in vodka is 40 %, it is very easy to drink. It has unique aftertaste. Our tasters note the presence of sweet notes.